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賀!本公司與Correll英商克瑞爾服務股份有限公司台灣分公司簽署備忘錄 (MOU)

The MoU was signed on 8th December 2021 and will see the two companies collaborate on the supply of personnel and equipment to facilitate the execution of a number of cable termination and testing services on offshore wind projects within Taiwan, with a specific focus on building a stronger Taiwanese offshore wind supply chain. 備忘錄於 2021 年 12 月 8 日簽署,兩家公司將在人員和設備供應方面進行合作,以促進在台灣境內的離岸風電專案中執行多項電纜終端和測試服務,特別著力於建立更強大的台灣離岸風電供應鏈。

About Ho Lung Power Engineering Co. Ltd. 關於合隆電工有限公司 Ho Lung has been focusing on power transmission and distribution, design and installation of heavy transformers, cable laying and termination related installation works, DC/AC voltage-withstand tests, etc., and is the exclusively appointed partner of four major listed cable companies in Taiwan. 合隆一直專注於輸配電、重型變壓器設計與安裝、電纜延放與接續相關安裝工程、DC/AC耐壓測試等,是台灣國內四大上市電纜公司的獨家指定合作夥伴。

Every year, more than half of Taipower’s power projects are undertaken by the Ho Lung team. With sufficient manpower and extensive qualifications, Ho Lung General Manager Chen, Cheng-Lung said, “Whether in the construction or O&M phase of wind farms, power engineering will remain an important part of all future projects that cannot be ignored, and Ho Lung are dedicated to bringing about a sustainable green energy world by continuing to developing solar and wind power engineering”. 每年台電一半以上的電力專案都是由合隆執行。憑藉充足的人力和健全的資格,合隆總經理


About Correll Electrical Engineering Ltd. 關於克瑞爾服務股份有限公司 Correll are a service organisation, predominately offering HV, LV and FO engineering, installation, termination and maintenance in the onshore and offshore energy sector. Whether project works are onshore, offshore renewable energy or offshore oil & gas, services are always delivered in a safe, efficient and reliable operation. Correll 是一間服務公司,專注於陸域和離岸能源領域的高壓、低壓和光纖工程的安裝、終端和維護。無論專案工程是陸域、離岸可再生能源還是離岸石油和天然氣,服務始終以安全、高效和可靠的運營方式提供。

With their head office based in the North East of England, the Correll team has extensive experience of working on many of the most significant wind farms across UK, Europe, Asia and also in the emerging US offshore market. Correll 團隊的總部位於英格蘭東北部,在許多最重要的風場工作方面擁有豐富經驗,橫跨英國、歐洲、亞洲以及新興的美國離岸市場。

Regardless of where your requirements are in the world, Correll provide exceptional project support and delivery with project management, consultancy, EHV/HV, LV & FO cable jointing, switching operations, secondary injection testing and export/array cable pull in operations. 無論您的要求在世界的哪個地方,Correll 都能通過專案管理、諮詢、特高壓/高壓、低壓和光纖電纜接續、開關箱操作、次級注電試驗和輸出/陣列電纜引入操作,提供卓越的專案支持和交付。

Sam Dowey, Managing Director at Correll, commented; “We are delighted to sign the MoU with Ho Lung and extremely proud to be part of the continual growth of the Taiwan renewable energy industry. The entire team are looking forward to building on our collaboration and working with Ho Lung to develop industry leading solutions that address the challenges of any project and precisely meet their needs”. Correll 董事長 Sam Dowey 評論說; 「我們很高興與合隆簽署備忘錄,並為成為台灣可再生能源產業持續發展的一部份而感到自豪。整個團隊期待在我們合作基礎上與合隆共同開發行業領先的解決方案,以應對任何專案的挑戰並準確滿足他們的需求。」

To learn more about the Correll Group’s visit 想了解更多請參訪克瑞爾官網:

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